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Grading Policy



Your academic grades will be based on the points you receive on your tests, quizzes, homework and class work, and projects. Academic grades are cumulative on the report card. The grades are calculated as follows:

A = 90-100% of possible points

B = 80-89% of possible points

C = 70-79% of possible points

D = 60 – 69% of possible points

F = 59% or fewer points


Assignment categories

Tests—20% of total possible points



Class work—10%


Accelerated Reader/Achieve 3000—10%

Work Habits

Work Habit marks are based on the class assignments and homework assignments you complete. Work Habits marks are calculated on a monthly basis. 

E = All assignments are completed and submitted on time. 

S = One to two late and/or missing assignments.

U = Three or more late and/or missing assignments. 



Cooperation marks are based on your conduct in class. Cooperation marks are calculated on a monthly basis. 

E = All rules and expectations are followed. 

S = One to two warnings and/or consequences for negative behavior. 

U = Three or more consequences for negative behavior. 

Student work is expected on the assigned due date; no late assignments are accepted.  

Students receive progress reports and report cards through the mail approximately every 5 weeks. 

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