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Welcome to Ms. Rabina's Class!

Language Arts: 

The curriculum is divided into four instructional components: Narrative, Exposition, Response to Literature, and Persuasion. In the first quarter, students will explore narrative writing; students will analyze fictional and nonfictional narrative texts. We will study the features of narrative writing, such as conflict, rising and falling action, and protagonists and antagonists. In the second quarter, students will delve into research skills; they will explain, give information, and clarify ideas in timed essays and 300-500 word compositions. In the third quarter, students will combine the skills they acquired in analyzing narrative texts with the writing skills they learned in the exposition unit to write literary responses. In the fourth and final quarter, students will study persuasive writing; they will develop the skills to determine a writer’s adequacy and appropriateness of evidence and develop arguments of their own.


Social Studies: 

In sixth-grade Social Studies, students will learn about the ancient societies that gave rise to the earliest civilizations. We will examine the geographical conditions that led to early settlements. The students will explore the problems the ancient peoples faced, as well as the technology and other accomplishments discovered to solve them. Additionally, we will learn about the political, economic, and social systems used to create and maintain these civilizations, as well as the literature, art, and architecture that emerged during this time.           

     Students will also learn about important historical figures in law and order, such as Hammurabi, Abraham, Moses, David, Pericles, and Asoka; in empire-expansion, such as Ramses II, Alexander the Great, Julius, Caesar, and Augustus Caesar; and in teaching, such as Socrates, Jesus, the Buddha, and Confucius.






I love teaching Language Arts and Social Studies!  
My favorite books of all time is the Harry Potter series! My favorite civilization to study is Ancient Egypt!