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6th Grade English Language Arts
Welcome to the Thomas Starr King Middle School Gifted Arts and Technology Magnet and to my class! I'm very excited about being your teacher this year, and I look forward to the learning we all are going to do together this year!  Please click on any of the topics in the menu to the right to learn more about our class.
Ms. Rabina is Reading Saving Savannah (9781681198040): Bolden, Tonya: Books
Always make sure you have a book to read! :)
Grades: Monitor your grades, lessons, and assignments on Schoology.  Click on Schoology in the menu to the right.  Parents, please login on the Parent Portal.  Parents can learn how to register and create a Parent Portal account here: 

Thomas Starr King Middle School students will engage in innovative learning experiences, developing their intellectcreativitycuriosityand compassionin order to contribute meaningfully to their own lives, their community, and the world.