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King's Got Talent 2015

Congratulations to the winners of this year's King's Got Talent Contest:
1st Place: Lauren O'Grady & Helena Block - with their rendition of the song "Riptide" ($50.00)
2nd Place: Catherine Manukyan - with her rendition of the song "Creep" ($30.00)
3rd Place: Nicole Tran - with her dance rendition of the musical Mulan ($20.00)
3rd Place: Jordin Davis & Maya Salinas - outstanding dance performance ($20.00)
Thank you to those who participated and to the people who made this event a great success: Mr. Palayan - Emcee; Mr. Hernandez, Ms. Guthrie, Mr. Yontrarak, Ms. Leven & Mr. Laguna - Judges; Mr. Craig Uwaine - Technical/Backstage support; and Leadership - Auditions/Production.

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