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Environmental Studies Magnet

King's Got Talent 2015

Congratulations to the winners of this year's King's Got Talent Contest:
1st Place: Lauren O'Grady & Helena Block - with their rendition of the song "Riptide" ($50.00)
2nd Place: Catherine Manukyan - with her rendition of the song "Creep" ($30.00)
3rd Place: Nicole Tran - with her dance rendition of the musical Mulan ($20.00)
3rd Place: Jordin Davis & Maya Salinas - outstanding dance performance ($20.00)
Thank you to those who participated and to the people who made this event a great success: Mr. Palayan - Emcee; Mr. Hernandez, Ms. Guthrie, Mr. Yontrarak, Ms. Leven & Mr. Laguna - Judges; Mr. Craig Uwaine - Technical/Backstage support; and Leadership - Auditions/Production.

School Experience Surveys

Tell us about your experience.

If you haven't already, please take a few minutes to fill out the Parent Survey that your child brought home this week, and have him/her return it to her/his Period 3 teacher as soon as possible. Results will be reported in the School Report Card. This supports the School Performance Meter. Turn it in and make a difference!


Thomas Starr King Middle School’s third annual school-wide Career Day will be on Thursday, May 14, 2015. Please click on the link above to RSVP as a PRESENTER

King Idol 2014

What an amazing day and such great talents in this year's King Idol! Every finalist performed his/her best and thrilled the audience for three periods. Congratulations to the winners:
1st Place - Sasha Stelter
2nd Place - Jordin Davis
3rd Place - Catherine Manukyan

Check out the pictures and video clips of each performance inside! We want to thank everyone who participated in this event, specially those who contributed their time to make it a great success: Mr. Palayan - Emcee; Mr. Hernandez, Mr. Yontrarak, Ms. Guthrie, & Ms. Leven - Judges; Mr. Craig Uwaine - Behind the Scenes; Ms. Rinaldi's students - Camera work; and Leadership - Auditions.

-Mr. Olmedilla

Annual Canned Food Drive

Kudos to the King staff and students who donated to the annual canned food drive this season. We've collected over 1000 canned foods!!! Thank you so much for your help and support! We would especially like to send our warmest thanks to Mr. Page and his homeroom students who donated a whopping 311 cans; to Ms. Lay and her homeroom students who donated 257 cans; and to the 8th grade ESM teachers and their homeroom students who donated over 150 cans! Happy Holidays!


Teachers of the Month and Classified Staff of the Month for April/May

Ms. Rachel Cimino (History Teacher - Arts & Technology Magnet)
Mr. Joel Laguna (Teacher - Film & Media Magnet)
Ms. Lauren Grimaldi (Science Teacher - Environmental Studies Magnet)
Ms. Yesenia Vargas (Classified Staff)
Your hard work and dedication to our students and staff are greatly appreciated!

Teachers of the Month & Classified Staff of the Month Awards for March

Ms. Tracy Bishop (Science Teacher - Arts & Technology Magnet)
Ms. Linda Guthrie (English Teacher - Film & Media Magnet)
Ms. Tali Mizrahi (Science Teacher - Environmental Studies Magnet)
Mr. Jorge Robles (Office Assistant - Classified Staff)
Your hard work and dedication to our students and staff are greatly appreciated!
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