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My name is Melina Castillo, and it is my 1st year (2016-2017) here at Thomas Starr King Middle School.  I'm very excited about teaching 7th grade English for the Film and Media Magnet on my 22nd year in the education industry.  My wide experience in the field makes me appreciate the T.S. King MS community even more.  In my first few days, I can see that parents are involved in their children's lives.  I can see that the teachers in this school are dedicated to give their best to the students and their families.  I know that I am in a very good place.
Below are some documents that my students and their parents may want to check every now and then as a reminder of my expectations.  These are designed to help every student do well in my classes.
This page is also designed to provide parents and students information about major assignments/projects and upcoming events.  Additionally, forms that students will use many times will be available for download here.
Please be sure to check this page regularly.

Recent Posts

PBL Deadline CHANGE: May 1st

Due to the recent announcement of the Spring Semester Testing schedule, the PBL will be due on May 1st.  The 7th grade SBAC Assessments are now scheduled to be administered beginning May 1st.  This means:
1. Beginning May 1st, all groups must be ready to present their PBL when called.  Remember that groups will be called randomly.  If you will be out any day this week, inform Ms. Castillo prior to the week and arrange to present earlier.
2. Beginning May 15, students will be participating in the English SBAC testing.  The test will last all week.  If you will be out any day that week, please see Ms. Turcios about make-ups.
Thank you for your understanding and flexibility.

IRP #2 Sample

This is an example of a multi-media project for your IRP #2.  Along with the slides, you may choose to have a video, mini-movie, skits, book posters with a persuasive speech to sell your book to teens, parents, teachers, and/or book store owners.

AR Related Assignments

Several of my students lost the handout which they were instructed to glue into their notebooks, so again, here are all the required assignments in connection to AR.
Remember that no late work will be accepted.

PBL due Week of May 8

Your PBL is due the week of May 8.  Scroll down my web page to consult various documents that will help your group.
Remember that every Tuesday starting next week will be PBL Day which is a time for the teams to meet in class together, meet with Ms. Castillo for progress grading, and work with your team collaboratively.  However, the best PBLs do not just get done during class time.  A lot of work goes into this, and you will have to meet outside of class.  My room is open on some days after school for groups to consult with me.  If my door is open during lunch, you are welcome to come at those times too.  On these days, Ms. Castillo will also be grading the group's progress.  The downfall/irresponsibility of one member negatively affects the whole group.  Do not get behind!!!