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Math Websites

Power My Learning
This is the website where I can keep track of the different activities and games that you have done. I will put up different activities for you to practice.

ubtracting Integers
This activity will help you if you have trouble subtracting integers. Be sure to follow the instructions step by step.

Decimal Darts

Practice your understanding of decimal while throwing darts.

Math at the Mall
Practice discount and mark up problems at the mall!

Algebra Balance Scales
Solve algebraic equations using a balance scale.

Pythagorean Puzzle
This is the site we used in class to prove that a squared plus b squared equals c squared.

Pythagorean Theorem
This is the website with the silly little squirrel cheering for you when you get it right!

Math Activities
Lots of great online activities to practice what we learn in class.

Math Racing Games
Use your math skills to race other students.

Fun Brain
Always good for some fun math games. Be sure to pick ones at your level though!

Room Recess
Fun math games.