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Magnet Overview


The Film & Media Magnet program provides a challenging instructional program that focuses on interdisciplinary learning via the theme of cinematic arts and a vast array of other media platforms.  Content standards are taught and mastered using the themes of film and media to engage students in project-based learning opportunities. Academic explorations into the broad range of our ever expanding media-centered culture and its impact on society are at the core of this creative, diverse learning community.  The communication, collaborative, and interpersonal skills mastered in this program prepare our students for a broad spectrum of future learning. The program is designed to:


  • Engage students from diverse backgrounds and life-experiences in unique learning activities that honor each student’s contribution to the program’s academic and creative outcomes
  • Facilitate exploration of the broad potentials of cinematic arts as ubiquitous tools across multiple domains
  • Develop imaginative critical thinkers who may become leaders in the field of cinematic arts and beyond
If interested in applying, please email us at [email protected] or call (323) 644-6708.