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The official Thomas Starr King Middle School Animation & Film Festival website. The site discusses the festival, which has been going strong now in it's 18th year.
An animation studio that has been very supportive of the animation program, since 1999!!
A very supportive film organization that 'is a national institute providing leadership in screen education, recognition and celebration of excellence in the art of film, television and digital media.' AFI got the film festival off the ground.
A studio that has supported King's Animation program since 1999!!!! A very kind and generous studio over the decades!
Very supportive of the Animation program over the last 15 years.
A very supportive studio that allowed the animation students to visit their facilities and learn the behind the scenes process of animation.
An organization that has fully supported the Animation & Film Festival for the past 18 years!
Nickelodeon Studios has been VERY supportive of the Animation Program at King. They donated 10 Cintiq tablets for the Animation Lab and allow for Advanced students to visit on a yearly basis, their phenomenal support is very appreciated.
Gnomon has been very supportive of the Animation program! By donating 24 PC computers, the animation students have been able to work on computers that are industry standard powerhouses!
An amazing support of the animation program at King for the last 5 years.