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Welcome to King!

Hi there!


Welcome to the Film and Media Magnet for the 2020-2021 school year! My name is Ms. Mah and I’m going to be your English teacher. There are so many wonderful stories and fantastical worlds that we’ll be reading, collaborating, and comprehending together. I’m extremely excited to be able to come with you all on this journey as we create an inclusive, safe and welcoming learning environment and community with you.


A little about me—this will be my first-year teaching as a 6th grade teacher at Thomas Starr King Middle School! I went to UCSD for my undergrad and received a B.A. in International Literatures and am pursuing my graduate degree (M. Ed) from LMU in urban education. Regarding my hobbies, I’m a passionate writer and poet, sketch artist, and I love running!


I'm so excited to start this year with you, and I can't wait for everything we're going to do!

King Middle School Library (make sure to find info on how to access Libby and meet Ms. Concebida, our librarian!)
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