Principal’s Message

Dear King Parents,

As we enter the second semester of the school year, we continue to focus on college awareness and the importance of scholastic achievement. To motivate our students to do well academically in middle school, vertical teams visit college campuses such as USC, UCLA, Cal Tech, and CSUN.  It is important to share, with our students, the experiences and excitement of college life in order to help them focus on setting long-term goals for themselves.

To help encourage our students to attend school on a regular basis, students with perfect attendance for a whole first semester, earn a King T-shirt.  Ninety-one students on tracks B and C have been identified as having perfect attendance and have earned King T-shirts.  They will now be allowed to wear their King T-shirts instead of their white shirts the rest of the school year.

As parents, I ask you to join our efforts in ensuring that your child attends school on a daily basis and that they concentrate on doing well academically. Success in middle school predicts success in high school. Statistics show that only 25% of students with 3 or more Fails in middle school will graduate from high school. Please continue to:

1.    Talk with your children about their experiences at school on a daily basis.  Ask them to share something new they have learned each day.

2.   Keep in touch with teachers, counselors and school staff via phone, e-mail, notes and/or conferences.  Remember report cards are mailed home every four weeks.  If your child earns a D, Fail, and/or any U’s, I encourage you to speak with your child’s counselor.

3.   Monitor your children as they do homework.  Each student received a free planner in which to write their assignments and project due dates.  Use the planner to write notes to the teacher and to initial the completion of your child’s homework.

4.   Encourage them to read, or read with them.

To participate in the 8th grade culmination ceremony students must:

¨     Earn 55 credits.  That means no more than 1 “Fail”

¨     Have no more than 2 U’s on the final report card

¨     Have no more than 1 U in cooperation

We look forward to having all of our eighth grade students participating in one of the three culmination ceremonies to be held at the Franklin High School Auditorium.  C-track eighth grade students will culminate on Thursday, April 30. A & B track students will each have their culmination ceremony on Tuesday, June 30. 


Kristen A. Kaiser, Principal          COLLEGE STARTS AT KING!!!