Principal’s Message

Dear King Parents,

As parents you play a crucial role in the academic success of your children. With second semester only three weeks away, I encourage you to discuss with your children the importance of continuing to concentrate on their academic efforts. Encourage them to study hard and complete all their daily assignments in school and at home. Continue to monitor your child’s progress by checking the academic planners on a daily basis.

We want all our students to take responsibility for their achievement and earn 55+ credits each school year. Eighth grade students in particular need to make sure they meet all the requirements for culmination in June 2009. That means no more than 1 Fail each year and no more than 2 U’s (students may receive only 1 U in cooperation). Eighth grade students not meeting culmination requirements have an opportunity to make up Fails by attending either intersession (A-Track begins January 12) or Saturday School (Session III begins January 10).

Reminder, report cards are mailed home every 4 weeks. As you read your children’s report card congratulate them for every A, B, C, S, or E they earn. Have them write a reason beginning with “I… for every D, F, or U they earn. Talk to them about what they can do differently in the classroom and at home to improve these grades.

Our entire staff is dedicated to helping our students achieve academic success. To motivate our students to do well we have implemented the following:

• “Platinum Club” students who earn a perfect report card (AEE) are treated to Breakfast with the Principal

• “Front of the Line Pass” is given to students who earn A’s, B’s C’s, E’s and/or S’s. It allows students to enter the cafeteria without having to wait in the lunch line.

• “Caught Being Good Cards” are given to students who are caught by our staff being Respectful, Responsible, or who demonstrate Safe Behavior. Students who receive these cards are eligible for prizes.

Students at King have an opportunity to win $500, $1000 or $2,500 towards their college education by entering the annual “Save Me a Spot in College” scholarship contest. I want you to encourage your children to participate in the contest and help King students attend a college or university of their choice. Remember COLLEGE STARTS AT KING!!!

Kristen A. Kaiser, Principal

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