Every student in Physical Education classes receives their own locker. All students must purchase a lock at the student store. These locks are part of a Master Lock system. Teachers MUST have access to the lockers at all times. This is a health/safety issue. Students are instructed to be sure that their locks/lockers are secured and that they do NOT TELL ANYONE THEIR COMBINATION.

When items “go missing” it is usually because:
  1. the student did not properly lock their locker;
  2. they have told others their combinations;
  3. they were just plain careless.
Occasionally thefts do occur, but for the most part the loss of locks and PE clothes is a direct result of carelessness.

As these pictures show, our lost and found is filled with items that have yet to be claimed. If your child has lost their lock, or PE clothes, please have them check the lost and found located in the teacher’s offices.

Source: The TS King Middle School Physical Education Staff