Who plays the biggest role in whether or not your preteen fulfills his potential? According to many experts, it’s you! Parents are enormously important when it comes to helping children excel in school and beyond.

By creating a learning-friendly environment at home, you’ll go a long way toward keeping your preteen primed for learning all through his school years.

To create such an environment:
  • Spend time together. It sounds simple, but just hanging out with your preteen supports his learning. Whether you chat at the dinner table or toss a ball back and forth outdoors, the time you spend connecting with your preteen is time well spent.
  • Share books. Your preteen may think he’s too old for story time, but how about reading alongside each other for a few minutes each night? If he’s tackling a particular book for school, why not read it yourself? Later on, discuss it together.
  • Work on a project. Think about your preteen’s interests and find a project that utilizes them. Does he like working with his hands? Build a birdhouse or bookshelf together. Is he bookish or computer oriented? Go online and start researching your family tree. Any project you do together is likely to boost his learning skills. Source: ParentsCentre, “Making the Most of Time with Your Child” Reprinted with permission from the Parent Institute Copyright (c)2007 The Parent Institute, a division of NIS, Inc.