All King students received an “Academic Planner” for the 2007-2008 school year free of charge. The planner represents a program at our school that will help our students better organize themselves.

Students are asked to carry their planners with them at all times. Daily assignments should be written in the planner on a daily basis in order to keep parents informed of the academic progress and project due dates. The planner also serves as a ready source of information concerning our school’s programs and policies.

Within the planner you will find information regarding the Uniform Policy, Graduation Requirements, Student Behavior Code, Discipline, Parent Involvement Policy as well as the Acceptable Use Policy for LAUSD Computers and Network.

Students and parents are asked to read and sign the information provided on pages 7 or 8 (About Your Student Planner), 9 (Uniform Policy), 12 (Discipline), and 22 or 24 (Acceptable Use Policy for LAUSD Computers and Network) indicating they understand and agree to abide by our school policy. Your cooperation is appreciated.
If a student’s planner is lost or stolen, it is the student’s responsibility to purchase another one for $5.00.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Mrs. Alvarado in the Title I/ELL Office (323) 644-6743.