Meal applications are distributed to households of all children enrolled in school with the exception of students who are directly certified. This requirement is designed to ensure that current income and household size are correctly represented each year.

 The Food Service Branch mailed lunch applications to B & C Track households on June 15, 2007. A Track lunch applications will be mailed August 3, 2007. If you have misplaced your application, please request another one from our Cafeteria Manager, Ms. Yvette Garcia (323) 644-6707. 

To be eligible for free or reduced price benefits, you must submit a completed application to the Food and Services Branch for processing. Newly enrolled students receive a meal application as part of the standard enrollment package.  Parents of students who are directly certified are automatically eligible for free meals and therefore do not have to submit an application; Direct Certification Notification letters were mailed to parents on July 5, 2007.