As everyone knows, earthquakes are a fact of life here in California. At Thomas Starr King Middle School we have emergency procedures in place should a serious earthquake occur.

Our students and staff know where they should go and what they should do in such a situation. We also know from experience that when earthquakes hit, many parents will want to come to school in order to personally pick up their children.

While we at King feel that the safest place for them to be would be right here at school, we also have a procedure to follow for parents who want to pick up their student. Simply report (with valid identification) to the lower gate on Manzanita Drive (the one closer to Fountain Avenue) and give the name of your child to school officials. Then walk up the street to the upper gate on Manzanita (the one closer to Sunset Drive) and pick up your child once he or she has been summonsed. By using both gates we are able to keep crowds and traffic down to a minimum.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.