Tips for a great year
    Help your child make 2007 the best year ever! Encourage him to put learning first as he sets his New Year’s resolutions. Suggest that he…

Keep up
    "I will complete assignments on time."

Idea: Have your child make a stack of “To Do” sheets with dates at the top and a numbered list of lines underneath. Each day he can cross off items as he completes them. Your middle grader will feel a sense of accomplishment daily and more in control of his schoolwork—and his life.

Get help
    "I will ask for extra help when I need it."

Idea: If your child doesn’t understand a math unit or falls behind in social studies, remind him to seek help right away. Middle school teachers are usually available before school, during study period, or after school. Going to them will not only get your youngster on track, it will also show his teachers that he cares.

Reach out
    "I will try something new."

Idea: Suggest that your youngster join a club or pursue a new interest in school. Does he like school plays? Encourage him to try out for the next one. Is he interested in technology? Maybe the computer lab could use a hand. Trying new things will help your child expand his knowledge—and build confidence at the same time.

Source: The Middle Years (c) 2006 Resources for Educators, a division of Aspen Publishers, Inc.