Your child’s education can open a world of possibilities, but walking through the school door is the first step.  Regular attendance is essential for school success.

As important as school success is, it’s just one reason why regular attendance is critical.  Students who skip school are more likely to:
  • Fall behind their classmates.
  • Drop out.
  • Join a gang.
  • Use alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Get arrested.
You can influence your child to reduce risks and increase his chances for success (unless he is ill or there is an emergency).  To keep attendance up:
  • Make clear to him that you expect him to be in school.  Let him know you place a high priority on this
  • Have consequences if he is truant.  Discuss these with him in advance.
  • Schedule doctor appointments during non-school hours if possible.  If this is truly not possible, write a note to his teachers and the office staff explaining his absence,
  • Remember that school is his job and don’t keep him out of school to work outside the home.

Attached Files Source: Eileen M. Garry, “Truancy: First Step to a Lifetime of Problems,” Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, U.S. Department of Justice