Due to current staffing levels, we are no longer able to deliver items (e.g. homework, PE clothes, cell phones) to students in their classes.

If your son/daughter forgets something at home and asks you to bring it to school, please let him/her know that you will leave it in the Main Office, and he/she should look for it during Nutrition or Lunch.

All items should be labeled with the student's name and date of birth when they are left in the office.

We will not be able to call the classrooms to summons the students to the office, as the high volume of items being dropped off for students is creating a substantial disruption to teachers' classroom instruction. Students will need to check in the office during non-instructional time (i.e. Nutrition or Lunch) for anything that has been dropped off for them.

Thank you for your assistance in ensuring the highest quality instructional program for all of our students, and for helping us teach students the personal responsibility necessary to succeed in high school, college, and careers.

Dr. Murphy,