By the time children reach middle school they should be in charge of their homework. But some kids struggle with the increased responsibility that middle grade homework requires. Try these suggestions for helping your youngster handle homework:
  • Tell your middle grader that completing and turning in homework on time is her job. Let her know that you’re confident she can handle it on her own. Offer to help her gather supplies or decide on a place and time for homework. Then, move to the sidelines and let her take over.
  • Even though homework is your child’s job, continue to pay attention to her work. It’s okay to give her help when asked. Ask questions from time to time to see how things are going. A “Ready for that geography test?” show your child you care.
  • Changes won’t happen overnight-developing homework skills take time and effort. Your middle grader’s grades may even drop at first as she adjusts to the new challenge. But if she knows that you take her responsibility seriously, chances are she will too.

Source: Middle Years October 2005; Reprinted with permission from Resources for Educators, a division of Aspen Publishers, Inc. (c) 2005