Making the adjustment to middle school can be a challenge.  Many middle schools are large.  They are filled with students and teachers your child may not know.  There are many new rules and procedures to learn.  To help your child, focus on these areas:
  • Learning. The material will be more difficult and there will be more of it. Emphasize that you do not expect perfection. Expect that your child will make many mistakes as she adjusts. Let her know you will help her find assistance if she is really struggling.
  • Anxiety. Even a little thing like finding and opening a locker can cause stress during the first days of middle school. Tell your child to come to you with any worries she has.
  • Organization. Encourage your child to use a variety of ways to stay organized. Have her write down all her assignments and check them off when finished.

Source: "Supporting Students in Their Transition to Middle School,"  National Middle School Association and National Association of Elementary School Principals, Reprinted with permission from The Parent Institute (c)2005