King Family, on the weekend during the Silverlake Jubilee on Mayra St. 18 students from King created the 3rd mural on the Mayra Underpass wall.  The students recreated the design that was made by King's Animation student Michelle Kim, her design, Soar, was the one that was voted on the most by the city of Los Angeles to be created for this particular project.  It was a rigorous weekend, where Animation students put in 6-7 hours each day to get the mural done in time.  With the guidance of Nori Shirasu, the mural artist, the Animation students helped to create the mural over just one weekend.  It was difficult but the work was done and we would like to thank Peter Bedard, the community leader who helped to bring this project to King, The Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council who helped to fund the mural project, and the Los Angeles Arts Council who approved the mural design. I would also like to thank Nori Shirasu, who helped our students create the mural.  Please check out the mural at the Myra Underpass.