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There is no better time than summer for reading.  If your child doesn't yet understand the joys of reading on a beach, beside a lake or under a tree, this is the summer for her to learn.
Here are some ways you can show your child that summer reading is more than a school requirement-it is a true pleasure. 
  • Read in different places.  The outdoor places mentioned are some ideas, but don't set limits there.  How about on a porch or in a tent in the yard, by flashlight?
  • Read during quiet times at home.  Before bed is a perfect time to read.  If your family reads the newspaper over breakfast, give your child a section, too.
  • Bring a book or other reading material on trips and family outings.  Limit electronic games to after reading time.
  • Read to learn a skill.  Summer offers an opportunity for learning your child may not have time for during the school year.  Think of a how-to book on caring for animals, skateboarding or cooking?
  • Read in preparation.   Not for studying, but for fun!  Planning a trip to the movies?  Many films out today are based on books.  Encourage you child to read the book first.
Reprinted with permission from The Parent Institute, a division of NIS, Inc., © 2006 Source: "Ter-RIF-ic Summer Reading Tips for Families", Reading is Fundamental