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The big day has arrived.  Your child has the test in front of him, pencil in hand.  Is there anything he can do to improve his score now? Yes!

He can use these tips:

  • Scan the test before starting. Notice how long it is and what kinds of questions are asked. Then choose the right working pace.
  • Read carefully. This applies to directions, questions and answers. Watch for changes in instructions. Ask for help if something isn't clear.
  • Start with the easiest questions. Getting them right can boost confidence and scores. Mark the hard questions and go back to them last.
  • Look for clue words. Sometimes one word will give away the answer. Also, clues may be found in other test questions.
  • Ask if there's a penalty for guessing. If not, guess on hard questions when time is almost up. Experts say the first guess if often right.
  • Don't spend too much time on any one question, unless most of the test is already complete.
  • Save time to look over the test. Were the instructions followed? Are the answers neat and correct?
Source: "Studying For & Taking Tests" Ideas to Help Children Do Better in School (c) 1999, The Parent Institute