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Site-Based Instruction: Starting the Week of April 26

Update on 4/21/21 - View our Parent Communique, with the latest updates, including daily schedule for Week of April 26. Starting April 19th, you can make a COVID test appointment for students returning on campus. (Negative baseline test must be within 7 days of first day back.






We hope that you and your family are well and safe. Because of our safety protocols, and declining COVID rates, we are excited to announce our school will be reopening the week of April 26th. Our school is ready with all health and safety protocols in place. 

To ensure a smooth transition, we will stagger the reopening dates the week of April 26.  

You may complete the questionnaire online at

Letting us know whether your child will be returning to school or remaining online will help us plan for the rest of the school year.

If your child will be returning to school, he or she must take a COVID test the week before the start of school and must have a negative result. 

Los Angeles Unified provides free COVID tests for students and their families at dozens of school sites around the district. 

Please use your Parent Portal account to log onto the Daily Pass website to schedule your child’s test. If you need any assistance at all, do not hesitate to call our offices. 

We look forward to welcoming our students back to a safe learning environment! 


Message posted 3/24/21

Click here for the Family Guide - Spring 2021 edition. It has in it much of the information you’ll need to make the decision about whether your child will return to school for the remainder of the semester or continue with online instruction. We recognize this decision is not simple and you may have additional questions. You are encouraged to join our Virtual Admin Parent Update this Monday, March 15th, at 5:30 pm, so we can try to answer your questions. Once you have a full understanding of the choices, we ask you to let us know whether your child will return to the classroom or complete the semester online. We need this information to finalize plans to make sure every student gets the best possible education. You may complete the questionnaire online at