Thanks for your participation in the second 6th grade Spelling Bee.  It was truly a learning experience, both for spelling and for some basic California geography. It was quite obvious that the students studied the material well and were nicely prepared for this round of The Joy of Spelling:

1st – Joseph Allegre, 2nd – Atziri Gonzales, 3rd – Joey Perez

Congratulations to all the eager and talented students who participated.  Their good sportsmanship and intensity were obvious to all.  Thanks to Ms. DeMunda for bringing her class to the library to witness the Bee.  Next time we hope several teachers will bring their 6th grade classes to be an audience for this event.

Terms for our next event have already been posted on the King website.  We will emphasize “ie” and “ei” words, words with double letters, “sound alike” words and several  “Excellent Speller” words.

The Spelling Bee rules that we will be using for these events are in the classrooms and the library.

Dates and Times:

Round 1 Thursday May 13th  -  4th period

Round 2 Friday May 14th  -  4th period

Ms. Delaney                                    Mr. Menck
Ms. DeMunda                                  Mr. Nishikawa
Ms. DiPasquo                                  Ms. Pacheco
Mr. Gardner                                     Mr. Purdy
Ms. Harada                                      Mr. Stuck
Ms. Holtzinger                                  Ms. Turcios
Ms. Lay

Article written by Mrs. Baranich-School Librarian & Mr. Hanson-School Volunteer


Two-thirds of the school year is gone.  Now a big transition looms for many middle schoolers and their parents.  High school is three to six months away.  Start preparing your child and yourself.  Expect your child to:

Feel excitement about the opportunities high school offers.  These include new friendships and more freedom.  High school also lets students pursue a wide range of interests through extracurricular activities. 

Feel nervous.  Standards for academics, behavior and independence are far beyond what most middle schoolers are used to.  Then there’s the size of high school—a school building and population that may be double what your child has now.  You can help if you:

Tap available resources.  Most middle schools give guidance about coping in high school. The high school, too, will likely offer orientation sessions for new students.  
Urge your child to attend.

Talk to your child.  Share some of your own high school memories.  Discuss honestly the classes your child wants to take and how she will manage her schedule.  Have her talk with current high school students about their experiences.

Encourage your child.  Starting high school is a huge milestone.  Your child is growing up.  Let her know you are proud of her and are looking forward to this new stage.
Source:  Elizabeth Johnson, “Parent Involvement Essential to Successful Middle School Transition to High School,” EduGuide, www.eduguide.org/Parents-Library/Middle-School-Transiston-High-School-2288.aspx.  Reprinted with permission from Copyright© 2010 The Parent Institute, “Middle School Parents Still Make the Difference” March 2010