One student, one laptop…We are proud to announce that the Apple 1 to 1 Learning Program, which was piloted in six 6th grade classes last year, is now being implemented across ALL 6th grade classes! By providing every student with his/her own laptop computer, we engage students in 21st century learning environments. Project-based learning allows students to be the producers, rather than the consumers, of knowledge. By infusing technology into a standards-based curriculum, teachers design lessons that enable deep, sustained learning. With wireless Internet connectivity, research and live data are literally at students’ fingertips. We are well on our way to providing our students with the tools and skills necessary to compete in a highly technical global economy.

Valorie Milio, 6th Grade Instructional Coach


Last year King Middle school started a new garden! This year our students will be tending the garden (and the entire campus) every Tuesday during the Health semester.  Some of the things our students will be doing on Tuesday include:  Watering, weeding, planting, identifying plants, making signs with plant names, cleaning the campus, taking pictures, being good citizens, measuring, creating/doing experiments and learning and having fun.  We would love for you to join us in the garden! You can come any time during the school day on Tuesdays.  You could help supervise, spend time with your child learn a little, and have some fun.  If you need more information, you can contact Ms. Ralph at or leave a phone message at (323) 644-6700.

Parents are also welcome to volunteer during the school day in the different offices.  We are always in need of parents willing to welcome visitors onto our campus, supervise during nutrition and lunch, assist with mailings, copies, and supplies, or provide workshops to other parents.  With prior approval from teachers, parents may also provide support in the classroom. Remember research shows that students whose parents who are involved in their child’s education will be more successful in their studies.  You are a vital part of your child’s education.  To volunteer at our school you may contact Ms. Alvarado in the Title I Office at (323) 644-6743.

Parents have the opportunity to participate in our school’s advisory committees. Your membership in these committees is essential.  Your involvement will help ensure that our students will have every opportunity to reach their full potential academically.  As parents you could be part of the decision making process. To learn more about these advisory committees an orientation for parents will be held in our school auditorium on October 7, 2009 at 8:00 a.m.

Compensatory Education Advisory Committee – advises the principal on the use of Title I funds and the development of an effective educational program that will raise student achievement.

English Learner Advisory Committee – advises the principal on the implementation and evaluation of the English Learner’s program.

School Site Council – a decision-making council that annually reviews the school plan and develops a budget reflecting the needs and priorities at the school.