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Uniform Policy

2017-2018 Updated Uniform Policy

In September of 1996, the school community established a dress code and uniform policy. The latest update started in the 2017-2018 school year.


The standards for dress emphasize that our school is a place for learning, and our primary concern is the education and safety of our students. The school uniform must be worn while attending school and during school-sponsored activities.



  • Solid white, navy blue, or hunter green shirt or blouse with collar and sleeves
    • Appropriately sized and fitted (no cinching of shirts)
    • Appropriately buttoned – undershirt should be minimally visible
    • Only solid white undershirts (t-shirts) are allowed
    • King t-shirts with affiliated logos (Magnet, College, etc.) may be worn on Fridays and/or Spirit Days
  • Solid navy blue or khaki (drab light brown) pants, knee-length shorts, or knee-length skirts, appropriately sized and fitted.
    • Skirts and shorts worn no shorter than hand length above the knee
    • No denim or denim-like material
    • No leotards/leggings or leotard/legging like pants
    • No split seams
  • Solid color jacket, sweater or sweatshirt, with no insignias
    • Outerwear must be logo-free except for T.S. King Middle School affiliated logos.
    • No gang affiliated outerwear or insignias
    • Flannel shirts or any other kinds of shirts (collared or t-shirt) may not be worn as sweaters or jackets
    • Hoods on jackets or sweaters are not to be worn in class.
  • No headwear is to be worn on campus with the exception of the following:
    • Only administratively-approved headgear may be worn.
    • If headgear is a medical necessity, please contact the nurse.
    • Caps and beanies are not allowed on campus, except during inclement weather.
    • For P.E., bucket hats-without drawstrings-may be worn for sun protection.
  • Shoes must cover the entire foot
    • Please see the school nurse if a medical exception to this policy is necessary
    • Open-toed shoes or mules may not be worn
    • Shoes must be secured and laces tied
    • No ballet-type slippers, mesh, flip-flops, sandals or heels are allowed
  • Accessories must be school-appropriate
    • Long chains, necklaces and lanyards are not permitted
    • Earrings may be worn on ears, but do not include large hoops or dangling accessories
    • Belts must be appropriately sized
    • Bracelets must be without insignias except for school issued ones  
    • No body piercings are allowed
    • No spiked accessories of any kind (earrings, belts or bracelets)
  • Physical Education uniforms may only be worn during physical education classes, put away during the school day when not in use, and consist of the following: King M.S gray t-shirts and green shorts
    • On cold days, only heather gray sweatshirts may be worn over PE clothes.

Parent support, as always is needed to make this policy work. If a student chooses to dress inappropriately, they will be asked to change immediately and instructed to follow the dress policy in the future or be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.




P.E. Uniforms and padlocks may be purchased from the Student Store, or loaners can be made available free of charge.

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