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I Salute You !

Greetings !

                    I was born and educated in Europe. However, I  completed my “grad” years and teaching credential on two continents: both in Europe and in the United States. I earned  my BS in Europe  (Geomorphology, History, Classical Archaeology, Geography; and a BA in Linguistics). I also took post-graduate courses at UCLA and CSU Northridge. I hold a Master's Degree in Education with the National University. I taught 13 years in Europe and this is my 23-rd year of teaching at T.S.King M.S. in the GAT - Magnet program.

                   I am a former archaeologist and a passionate collector of fossils, ancient artifacts and rocks...which I have either personally dug up, or purchased during my archaeological and geological field applications. I often use them as teaching props or "realia" in my classes.


Here are three (3) good reasons WHY  I love this ‘TRIAD’ of disciplines -  History,  Archaeology, Geography; which, I think, we cannot ignore:

cannot dismiss the WRITTEN RECORDSthe creators of values, and promoters of knowledge. According to written excavated records, conscious ideas of morality and justice were reflected since ancient times: 55 clay tablets in Sumer (Hammurabi), 17,000 documents in Syria (Ebla), Egyptian ‘cartouches’ with hieroglyphs – all written prior 1500-2000 BCE  (before and after Abraham – Old Testament); later books of the Ecclesiastes and the book of Samuel, circa 350 BCE ; Upanishadic writings, 400 BCE ; writings of Confucius, 500 BCE; the BIBLE, 1-st century A.D./C.E.

LEARN from the past, understand the legacy.  Ancient grand civilizations have risen to great power and then fell to dust. As George Santayana said: “Those who forget the past, are doomed to repeat it”. This is the universal truth… Experience has (hopefully) taught mankind that “history repeats itself”. It is only a duty of the present and future generations to applaud the accomplishments of our ancestors, identify their flaws, and learn from their mistakes.

consider the EVIDENCE, as we determine the significance of current events. Recently unearthed ancient cities have yielded surprising discoveries – evidence of a former high civilization, capable of super-advanced science and technology. From the seafloor, to deep jungles of the earth, and from under the sands of the desert, emerge artifacts that defy logic.                  


I do exercise my profession as an educator by drawing upon the following instructional strategies:

~ LECTURE - short unit intro.

~ Use of COSTUMES (gives  better understanding of the civilization  in the capsule.

~ Classroom DECOR and visual aid  (posters, maps).

~ SOCRATIC SEMINARS  (helps stimulate prior knowledge and critical thinking).

~ REALIA – miniature or life-size  artifacts, primary documents (for unit realistic approach).

~ Provide EXAMPLES/MODELS of quality tasks,

~ ACADEMIC GAMES, VIDEOS, (to enhance student  learning),

~ ‘ERA’ MUSIC (enhances the time-frame and relaxes the spirit).


I am looking forward to a wonderful academic year.

Best Regards,

  Mrs. Dorina M. Popa

              "Popita & Kids Inc."