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Welcome to Ms. Howard's 8th Grade Science webpage!
The images are a hint about what you will study in class.
We do lots of different kinds of projects! We always manage to have fun, and everyone learns a great deal!  I use Jupiter grades for classes.  It's a great way to keep track of progress, for both parents and students!

Be warned...
I do not accept late assignments or assignments that are written illegibly. Tagging style writing will be deemed illegible.
Students with an excused absence from school may turn in assignments on the day of return. Any other arrangements require a parent conference, in person or by telephone.

Contacting Ms. Howard:
Please call the school at 323-664-6700 . Leave a message and phone number, and I will make every effort to respond within 1 working day.
Old School: Send a note to school with your child! I can write a response and discuss the issue with your child. This will help avoid confusion, and hold the child accountable for managing their own affairs.
Here is the syllabus for my class.