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Gifted Arts & Tech Magnet Visits Japan

G.A.T. 6-8th grade students explored the splendors of Japan from June 11 thru June 18. Here is a quick overview of our travels through Japan:
1st Day: A loooong flight and then Yokohama at night, which ended with an 8 course meal!!!
2nd Day: A tour of Tokyo- visited Asakusa, Imperial Palace Gardens, Harajuku and Shibuya, which ended with a visit to the video arcade!!!
3rd Day: Went to Hakone to board the Ropeway to view Mt. Fuji by way of a cruise of Lake Ashi. Visited the Sulfer Gorge of Owakudani and then cruised Lake Kamaguchi by way of 'swan'.   Our day ended with a traditional Japanese feast and attire!!!
4th Day: Visited the city of Matsumoto and explored the 400 year-old Matsumoto Castle.  Arrived in Takayama and did some more exploring in the rice-paddy regions.
5th Day: Visited the Miyagawa Morning Market of Takeyama and then headed off to the beautiful town of Shirikawago, an Unesco World Heritage Site; we visited the 'Wada' House.  Our day ended in Kyoto with an amazing Okonomiyaki dinner.
6th Day: In Nara we visited the Todai-ji Temple where the Bronze Statue of Buddha was housed, and we had a chance to feed the beautiful deer .  Then we visited the majestic Kasuge Taisha Shrine and the Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine.  We then visited the Golden Pavilion, Rokuon-Ji Temple and had a Tempura dinner and finished off the night with a visit to Kyoto Tower, 328 feet above the city!!!
7th Day:  EARTHQUAKE!!!! In the Osaka Prefecture, we were in Kyoto, which is a city within the prefecture  5.5-6.1. After the earthquake, students had some time to visit the nearby mall to check out the Pokemon and Disney stores before flying back home and being reunited with family.  It was a great trip and we learned a lot about Japan and the wonderful people, thanks again to Manako, our awesome tour guide.
K. Palayan