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Thomas Starr King Middle School has been authorized by the California Department of Education to operate a Schoolwide Title I Program. This means that all students are eligible to receive services from Title I. As a result of being schoolwide, King receives resources from the state and federal governments that enables us to upgrade the entire educational program in order to help all students meet the challenging state standards.
A needs assessment and analysis of the school program indicates a need to focus on Content Literacy and Mathematics. To address these needs we are providing the intervention services of, Saturday School and intersession for students who are identified as at risk of failing. King is also implementing an after school tutoring program that focuses on helping students in Mathematics and English Language Arts. Supplemental materials that complement student learning are also made available to help support your child's education.

Parents are a vital component of their child's education. They are also an important component of our learning community. We look forward to establishing a home-school-teacher-student connection. You may request a parent-teacher conference by contacting the school at (323) 664-1176.

Together we can make our school a success!