Kingsters run the LA Marathon - Sunday, March 18

The team, which began training in August, runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. They participate in milestone events every month, leading up to the upcoming 26 miles. They anticipate passing the corner of Sunset and Fountain around 8:30/9:00ish. Come cheer them on!


Backrow: Marielle Williamson (7GAT), Lizeth Palacios (7FAM), Franklin Gonzalez (8FAM - 2nd Marathon), Adrian Rodriguez (7FAM)


Kneeling: Sara Suarez (7FAM), Genessi Lizama (8GAT - 2nd Marathon), Sheyly Ortiz (8FAM), Galilee Merino (GAT)

 Coaches, Not pictured: Tracy Bishop (7th grade GAT teacher - 10th Marathon), Ilda Chavez (Paraprofessional - 4th Marathon), and Leslie Serpas (King  alumna, Ms. Bishop's former student, and Ms. Chavez's daughter)