The idea for teaching a computer animation class came to mind in 1998 after speaking with Steven Dworetzky a robotics teacher at King who was an inspiration and a motivational force and after attending the Animation Convention in Pasadena. King being a district-leading center with a citywide training program was the ideal location to implement my proposal for a computer animation class. In my proposal I explained in detail the written assignments, the drawing exercises and the animation software and the district/state standards that would be implemented in the Animation class. In 2001, LAUSD approved the class and I have been teaching it at King ever since. I have had a very exciting and rewarding time teaching the class, and my hope is that the students who take the class get motivated enough to explore the many possibilities available to them in the Motion Picture and Animation industries.
Over the years the Animation program has been supported by, Universal Pictures, Starz Media, Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation. The support has ranged from students being invited to advanced-screenings of films to visiting and touring the Animation studios. Also, for the past six years, I have been working with Ms. Martin and Mr. Cabezas to put on the Animation & Film Festival for the community in the month of June. We will return again this year on June 21, 2009 and I invite everyone to attend this event at the amazing Vista Theatre. Please visit to view the cartoons created by my students over the last 7 years.
By Mr. Palayan


Obama or McCain? What do you think? The eighth grade mock elections took place in homeroom on November 4, 2008. This election gave the students an opportunity to vote for presidential candidates and for Propositions 2, 4, 7, and 8. These are the results of the eighth grade mock election: Out of a total of 478 votes cast... Proposition 2 against animal cruelty passed with 436 votes. Proposition 4 on the waiting period and parental notification before abortion was rejected with 274 votes. Proposition 7 on renewable energy generation passed with 309 votes. Proposition 8 eliminatinag gay marriage was rejected with 314 votes. Barrack Obama and Joe Biden won this presidential mock election with 455 votes.
No on Prop 8 and Obama was the general tone of everyone we asked.  However, some people were voting yes on 8. I voted for Obama because of the way he deals with everything. I respect gay people, but I just go with the Bible,” said an anonymous voter. “I voted for Obama because his ideas were better than McCain’s, said another.  Obama would help the middle class more, McCain would just continue the same policies as Bush,” said an anonymous interviewee.
When asked about the mock election and Prop 8, responses included; “It was alright, but there should have been more information on the ballots regarding the propositions. It was a little confusing.  I voted no on 8 because it wouldn’t affect me, and gay people are human beings just like us. I think that everyone should be happy and not discriminated against.”
Another voter thought the election seemed real. “It felt like we were actually voting, we had to stand in line. I really liked the election, as for gay marriage I don’t care. These people aren’t having any kids and aren’t doing anything wrong.”  
By Lilit Elechyan and Elisabeth Larson