As a parent, you play a critical role in your preteen’s education.  And one way to make sure that role is effective is to stay connected with his school.  In fact, research shows that kids perform best when their parents are involved with the school and communicate with teachers.

To help yourself do just that:

- Meet your preteen’s teachers. The beginning of the school year is a perfect time to introduce yourself to his teachers. It’ll give you a chance to talk about your goals for the upcoming year. And if problems crop up later, you won’t be going in to discuss them with a stranger.

- Get involved in school-related organizations. Not only will it benefit the school, it may give you a chance to work with some of his teachers outside of the classroom.

- Volunteer.  You don’t need to spend long hours in your preteen’s classes to make an impact.  Just pitch in when you can.  If regular classroom time is impossible, how about volunteering once a month in the cafeteria?  Or chaperoning a field trip in the spring?

- Attend parent-teacher conferences.  These sessions are critical for learning about your child’s progress so don’t miss them.  If you can’t attend in person, ask about having a telephone conference.

Source:  Darla Binkley and others, “Helping Children Succeed in School: Parent-Teacher Communication,” University of Illinois Extension,  Reprinted with permission from Copyright © 2008 The Parent Institute


Research states that students whose parents are involved in education of their child remain in school and have a better chance of pursuing higher education. Parents are invited to participate in parenting education classes. Our next series will be held in the Parent Center Room 101 every Wednesday 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. beginning on October 8, 2008. 

The various topics will include:
- Homework- establishing a disciplined homework routine
- Studying- stressing the importance of parental involvement in children’s education
- School Behavior- being actively interested in school activities to improve children’s behavior and attitudes about school
- Togetherness- recognizing the importance of spending time together as a family
- Parties and Concerts-providing guidance and direction for children attending public events and activities
- Sex- supervising children’s activities, knowing the environment they are in, who they are with, and what they are doing

We encourage parents to participate in their child’s education by attending parent workshops and any other activities throughout the school year. Our parent participation program includes a “Passport to Success.” Every time you participate in a school activity your passport will be stamped. Once 6 (six) stamps are collected, you are eligible to win a grand prize.