When you were in middle school you may not every have met a guidance counselor. A generation ago, counselors often worked only in high schools. Their job was to help student choose courses and plan for after graduation.

Guidance counselors still do those things in high schools. But now they do much, much more. And they have also become a key part of the educational team in middle schools. Your child’s counselor takes the view that your child needs good mental health, as well as good physical health, to be a productive learner.
Middle school guidance counselors can offer your child help with:

. Academics and study skills, including organization.
. Solving problems with friends. This can include mediation.
. Making decisions
. Coping skills. This includes skills for coping with bullies.
. Setting goals
. Making plans for high school and beyond
. Counseling sessions either for just your child or in a small group. This can include grief   counseling.
. Organizing support if your child or your family is facing a crisis.
. Making referrals to other professionals.

Source: “Why Middle School Counselors,” American School Counselor Association, www.schoolcounselor.org/content.asp?contentid=231. Reprinted with permission from Copyright © 2008, The Parent Institute


King has two counselors for every track, a PSA Counselor and an Extended Learning Academy Counselor plus one Dean for each track.  Do you know who they are?
Our counselors are there to help you. If your child needs to speak with someone regarding any problems they may have,  they may contact any one of our counselors or deans. Students may visit the deans office (room 106) or the guidance office to see their counselor before or after school during nutrition or lunch or with a pass from one of your classroom teachers.   


        A-Track                              B-Track                             C-Track

       Georgia Weir                      Susan Fong                        Diane Kantack

        Sean Yuge                     Alicia Valenzuela                      Bob Kilanowski

Robert Martinez – ELA Counselor               Griselda Hernandez – PSA Counselor


      Kedist Negash                    Aileen Rabina                         Debbie Bailey