King Students Win Digital Voice Awards Again!


The Digital Voice Awards honors teachers and students from across Los Angeles county who are utilizing technology in innovative, creative, and instructionally sound ways. This year we have many students that are being recognized for their awesome digital projects.

In Ms. Cimino's Classes, the students worked on 2 projects, the 1st one was 'Great Speeches in American History', and they were tasked with making films representing the speeches in 60 seconds.  The following 19 students! were recognized with a Digital Voice Award for their films: Maize Wong, Chloe Hoffman, Ezekial Varela, Rafael Kaye-Lew, Cari Carranza, Isabella Savage, Michael Sandoval, Ryan Wakefield, Imani Preyor, Ashley Salazar, Kendrick Carles, Liam Carthy, Emilio Elias-Marchevsky, Samantha Melendez, Zooey Sandel, Amanda Chu, Ariel Peterson, Quentin Silver, Andy Ton

Also, the following 8 students worked on 'Bill of Rights Stop Motion Films' and were recognized for their excellent films: Rafael Kaye-Lew, Quentin Silver, Isabella Savage, Maia Supple, Maize Wong, Chloe Hoffman, Sonia Guevara, Nyzell Guzman. In total 27 students were recognized for their outstanding work in film in Ms. Cimino's Classes!  You can check out the projects here-

In Ms. Guthrie's Classes, the students worked on the ABC's of Black History Month to learn new facts, new faces, new forms.  Students researched the information, chose their subject matter and found a way to present this historically relevant information in a user-friendly manner.   The students whose projects won the Digital Voice Awards are Isaiah Walker
Lauryn Versoza

In Ms. Hoefer's classes, the students worked on 'The Day of the Dead Technology' project, where students researched an obsolete or dying technology and created a memorial altar to that technology. Pictures of the projects were created into a Google Slides presentation and all of the 8th Grade GAT students won the Digital Voice Award!

 In Mr. Palayan's Advanced Animation Class, students work on their own original stories and design, animate and create their own cartoons using 3D animation software.  The 2 students who were recognized for their work are Bayanzaya Tuguldur, for her cartoon, 'Angel's Other Eye' and Daniel Vallejo for his cartoon, 'The Humorless Fish'.