Multiple Digital Voice Award Winners!

The "Great 60 Seconds"  was a collaborative project between history teacher Ms. Rachel Cimino and  English teacher Ms. Jennifer Hoefer. After analyzing rhetorical devices and speech characteristics and performance in English class, the students discussed pivotal speeches in American history, deciding on one that spoke to him/her personally. The students really embraced their creativity and critical thinking as they then stepped into the shoes (at times literally with the costumes!) of these great historical speakers and recited the most significant 60 seconds of the speech. 
The 8th-grader winners this year for the Los Angeles County Digital Voice Awards are Maya Salinas, Mateo Guynn, Joeville Esliva, Angel Renteria, Calvin Black and Amy Ahmed.
Also, Advanced Animation students Arman Khatchatryan and Cooper Kelly won a Digital Voice Award for their documentary on the 'Star Wars: The Fest Awakens' fundraiser they were part of.  Their film depicts the great amount of work, fun and effort it took to put the festival together back on December 11, 2015.
You can watch the live webcast of the Digital Voice Awards on Thursday, May 19 from 3:15 to 4:30 pm at the following link: