When should your child start studying for a test?  The day the test is announced!  After all, the sooner she starts preparing, the better her chances are of doing well.

Use these ideas to help your middle grader succeed at test time.   

Know what’s ahead
Advise your youngster to find out as much as possible about the test.  She should know which terms, formulas, or chapters will be covered.  Also, she can ask the teacher what type of format to expect.  For multiple-choice, she’ll want to brush up on facts, dates, and definitions.  For essay and short-answer questions, she’ll need to be able to explain ideas and concepts.

Tip:  If the teacher holds a review session, be sure your child attends.

Study daily
Suggest that your middle grader study a set amount (say 30 minutes) each day.  She can go over class notes and fill in details she didn’t have tome to write down during class.  AnotheR idea is for her to reread textbook sections and make charts or lists (history timeline, chemical symbols).  Consistent reviewing will help your youngster remember the facts.   

Plot test strategy
When the test is handed out, your child should read the instructions carefully.  She might want to answer easier questions first and then dive into more challenging sections.  Encourage her to watch the clock to make sure she leaves enough time for each part, as well as time to review and proofread her answers.

Source: Permission from (c) 2007 Resources for Educators, a division of Aspen Publishers, Inc. “Middle Years” January 2008