It may a struggle to get your middle schooler to put down the TV remote and pick up a book, but keep at it! Reading is simply too important—to his success both in school and in life—to ignore, so encourage your middle schooler to read for fun.

To help your child find stories that appeal to him, remember that adolescents often enjoy books involving:
  • Conflicts and how to resolve them. These can be internal conflicts or issues between different people.
  • Social order and the problems surrounding it.
  • Foreign cultures including exotic places, different eras, etc.
  • The search for independence. Preteens deal with “finding themselves” every day; it sometimes helps to read about others’ struggles with the same thing.Your middle schooler may also be drawn to books with strong, dynamic characters. And he might prefer first--person stories (the main character uses “I” when he or she speaks) that tackle serious topics.
While no single book will be perfect for every adolescent, there are plenty of excellent titles to choose from. Source: “Selecting Literature,” Literacy Matters. - Reprinted with permission from The Parent Institute (c) 2008 “Parents Still Make the Difference!”