King Rocked Star Wars : The Fest Awakens Fundraiser

With the amazing support of King Students and Teachers we were able to collect near 500 pounds of plastic and over 120 pounds of aluminum and we made over 800 dollars from all of the recyclables collected during the festival on Friday, December 11!!! The Advanced Animation Students will be donating the funds to our neighborhood Ronald McDonald House this week. You can view the entire festival in a brief 4 minute film by clicking on the 1st Vimeo link below.  Also the ABC News Broadcast of 'The Fest Awakens' Festival can be seen by clicking on the 2nd Vimeo link below!!!!  Also please visit The Fest Awakens website below to continue to do the fundraising online.  Thank you again King Family for making the festival fundraiser a really great success!!!  
K. Palayan