Neither parents nor teachers working alone can do everything to help students learn. But when parents and teachers are on the same team, children win every time.

Here’s how you can contribute to the partnership:
  • Establish and enforce firm, fair & consistent rules. Respect for rules at home will translate to respect for learning.
  • Support your school’s policies for attendance, discipline, homework, etc.
  • Come to every school event you can, including teacher conferences.
  • Don’t talk disrespectfully about the school or the teacher. Make sure your child knows that the teacher is in charge in the classroom and requires respect.
  • Show you believe that education is important. Set a good example. Spend time reading to show your child that reading is enjoyable and useful. Stay positive about school. Your attitude will rub off and lead to better academic success.

Source: The Parent Institute, a division of NIS, Inc. Reprinted with permission from the Parent Institute Copyright (c)2007