Reading for students in middle school requires more sophistication. Children need to be able to understand it, interpret it, analyze it and apply it to the next topic. Recent research shows many children are having difficulty with this.

Here’s how to help your child read better in middle school:
  • Preview. Your child will better understand the material if she has an idea of what it is about before reading. For textbooks, read titles, headings, captions and graphs.
  • Tackle new concepts. Perhaps the chapter will introduce your child to new terms. She should look these up before reading so she won’t get confused when she comes to them.
  • Think about what you know. Teach you child to always be asking herself, “Is this in any way familiar?” She will better grasp a concept that she can relate to something she knows.
  • Monitor. After reading a little bit, your child should ask herself, “Do I understand this, or am I already confused?” If confused, she can ask for help or use another strategy.
Click here for the source article, “Mastering the Challenges of Reading,” All Kinds of Minds. Source: “Mastering the Challenges of Reading,” All Kinds of Minds, Reprinted with permission from The Parent Institute (C)2005, The Parent Institute, a division of NIS, Inc