Studies show that positive adult influence is critical to kids’ success. 
Kids who have healthy adult role models:
  • Feel more secure and optimistic than kids with no role models.
  • Are less likely to cheat on tests.
  • Are more likely to feel happy.
  • Are more likely to believe in their own future success.
  • Are nine times more likely than other kids to earn straight A’s. 
What’s the secret to being a solid role model for your preteen?  There isn’t one.  Instead, there’s a list of common sense things you can do to keep your preteen motivated and feeling loved.
  • Not making snap judgments about his character.  Take time to get to know who he really is and what makes him tick.
  • Singing his praises.  Preteens get a bum rap; they’re sometimes seen as troublemakers. Don’t let that perception stand.  When your child does something terrific, say so!
  • Listening to him.  Don’t dismiss your preteen’s opinions because he’s “just a kid.”  Spend time together and pay attention when he tells you something.  This may be the biggest motivator of all. Source: : Anthony W. Jackson, P. Gayle Andrews, Holly Holland and Priscilla Pardini, Making the Most of Middle School: A Field Guide for Parents and Others, (Teachers College Press),. Reprinted with permission The Parent Institute (c) 2007