Your child may act like she wishes you would disappear sometimes. But when it comes to school success, middle graders still need their parents around.

When parents get involved in learning, student achievement soars. Middle graders score higher on tests, turn in better projects, and participate more in class if they know their parents care.
You can be involved in your child’s learning at any time of day. Talk about homework while you’re making dinner. Watch a documentary together at night. Visit a museum on the weekend. You’ll show your child that you think learning is important.
Teachers will welcome your commitment, whether you help in the classroom, volunteer at evening events, or simply support your own child at home. Call or e-mail your middle grader’s teachers to see what you can do—in or out of school—to help.

Source: permission from Middle Years (c)2007 Resources for Educators, a division of Aspen Publishers, Inc.