By the end of eighth grade, students are usually comfortable in middle school even if they were intimidated at first. But a new challenge is on the horizon—high school. To prepare your child, encourage her to:
  • Visit the new school. There may be a special day for incoming students to walk around the building. If no, ask if you can schedule a tour.
  • Talk with students. Have your child ask for information and tips. She might start with, “What do you wish you’d known before you started high school?
  • Meet with a high school counselor. It may help you child to know what kind of schedule to expect. For example, how many classes are included in a typical day? Which ones do most freshmen take? Are students allowed to choose their classes?
  • Continue learning over the summer. Encourage your child to review math and science, write about summer experiences, and read at least one novel recommended for high schoolers.
  • Go online. Many high schools have Internet sites with lots of helpful information. Have her check out everything from school rules to cafeteria food to after-school activities.

http://www.kidsource.com/education/middlehigh.html Source: Nancy B. Mizelle, “Helping Middle School Students Make the Transition Into High School,” Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), reprinted on Kidsource OnLine. Reprinted with permission from (c) 2007 The Parent Institute, a division of N