School’s nearly out for the summer, so now is the time to reflect on the past year.  How did your preteen do?  Was she prepared for class every morning?  Did she complete her assignments on time?  Did you even know what those assignments were? 

As you look toward next year, keep the following suggestions in mind.  They may help you become more of a partner in your child’s education.  And who knows?  Even if this year was great, next year could be better!
  • Commit to a morning routine.  Help your preteen arrive at school rested, fed and ready to learn.  Set a reasonable bedtime and serve a healthy breakfast.
  • Focus on reading.  The more you do to encourage your preteen’s reading, the better.  Fill your home with books and let her catch you reading for pleasure.
  • Don’t pack junk in her lunchbox.  She may love chips and cookies, but fruit and whole grains will give her the energy she needs.
  • Give her space to work.  Carve out a spot where your preteen can complete her homework in peace.  Make sure she has the proper supplies and then let her be.  After all, it’s her work, not yours.
  • Show your love every day.  Give her a hug before you leave in the morning.  Tuck a sweet not in her backpack.  If she feels loved and secure at home, she may feel more confident at school.

http://www.pta.org/ Source: Mimi Doe, “10 Ways for Parents to Help Teachers,” National PTA. Reprinted with permission from (c)2007, The Parent Institute, a division of NIS, Inc.