King Idol 2013 Winners/Performances

We would like to thank the following people for their great support and help in making the event a tremendous success: Mr. Palayan for being such an awesome host; Our fantastic judges Mr. Hernandez, Ms. Guthrie, Ms. Mizrahi and Mr. Yontrarak; Leadership class for sponsoring the event; Craig Uwaine for all the technical/behind the scenes work; and of course, the teachers, staff and students who attended the event! Lastly, we would like to apologize to the last 8 contestants whose performances were not recorded due to a camera glitch.
-Leadership/Mr. O

1. Amelia McKee
2. Amybelle Ordona
3. Camille Cordez
4. Catherine Manukyan
5. Daniela Ivanir
6. Ella Gullion
7. Helena Block - 1st Place Winner
8. Jeramay Moreno
9. Karrington Kurlander
10. Keelin Murray - 3rd Place Co-Winner
11. Khouri Williams
12. Lauren O'Grady - 2nd Place Winner
13. Lena Isaacson
14. Liat Spector
15. Lilah Libowsky
16. Lulu Panzarella
17. Mary Dimaculangan
18. Maya Wong
19. Paris Levy
20. Roger Akers
21. Sophi Panzarella
22. Maddie McKee - 3rd Place Co-Winner
23. Victoria Valdovinos
24. Jana Peña
25. Bobby Bennett
26. Paolina Acuna
27. Lauran Jimenez
28. Danica Espiritu
29. Chela Roppola

Video Clips: