No two children are the same, but successful students do have certain traits in common.

Among other things, successful students:

Are curious. They want to know things. Curious students won’t accept “just because” as an answer. To stoke your child’s curiosity, expose him to the world.

Are persistent. They set goals and work to reach them. Successful students keep trying until they master tough schoolwork. Praise your child for putting in the long hours studying: don’t focus only on the resulting grade.

Have common sense. IQ is great, but it’s no substitute for common sense. Foster our child’s common sense by encouraging him to problem-solve. Guide him as he thinks through solutions.

Can bounce back.
Everyone fails sometimes, but successful students don’t let failure derail them. You child should take responsibility for his actions.

Have support at home. Successful students have supportive parents. And there’s just no substitute for your love and encouragement. Source: Elaine K. McEwan, “What Does My Child Need to Be Successful in School?” McEwan-Adkins Group, from (c) 2007, The Parent Institute, a division of NIS, Inc.