Film and Media Magnet Potluck

It was an amazing social gathering for the King FAM staff, parents and students! Kudos to Ms. Nava (FAM advisor), Ms. Milio (Magnet Coordinator) and Ms. Mejia (Community Rep.) for organizing this successful event! Special thanks to the teachers and staff who attended and helped out: Mr. Naulls (Principal), Mr. Carrillo, Ms. Chomori, Ms. Concebida, Mr. Egeler, Mr. Fleischman, Mr. Gabriel, Mr. Hernandez, Ms. Holtzinger, Mr. Laguna, Ms. Leven, Mr. Momjian, Mr. Olmedilla, Ms. Stewart, Ms. Suico, Ms. Turcios, Ms. G. Yang, Ms. Yang-Urkofsky, Ms. Baranich, Ms. Shakaryan, Mr. Suzukida, and Ms. Yaghmaie. To the FAM parents and students who brought the food and drinks, you have our sincere gratitude!